* Names are listed in alphabetical order by surname.
Sergio Cavalheiro: Fetal neurosurgery

Daniela Chieffo: Neuropsychological outcomes in paediatric neurosurgery

Todd Hankinson: Current trends on craniopharyngioma treatments

Chris Parks: Should Craniofacial services be centralised?

Benedetta Pettorini: An international collaborative approach to predicting success in selective dorsal rhizotomy: SSeDR

Guirish Solanki: Long term outcomes of posterior calvarial augmentation for chiari & syringomyelia

Mark Souweidane: Novel developments in paediatric brain tumours surgery

Uli Thomale: Current state and future perspectives in hydrocephalus

Dominic Thompson: Fetal surgery for MMC – A UK view on maintaining the neurosurgical perspective

Graciela Zuccaro: How Paediatric Neurosurgery has developed and flourished over the years in South America

More invited speaker names to be added shortly.