Situated 120 km northwest of Chile’s capital Santiago, Viña del Mar is a coastal resort city whose name literally translates to “Vineyard of the Sea.” Neighbor to Valparaiso, the second largest city in Chile as well as the country's main commercial & military port, Viña is mainly a summer vacation and leisure place with many beaches, museums, hotels and restaurants to amuse everybody.

Nicknamed “La Ciudad Jardin” (“The Garden City”), Viña del Mar is home to various parks and water fountains—the Reloj de Flores (Flower Clock) is among the city’s best-known landmarks, enchanting locals and visitors alike. The Jardín Botánico Nacional (National Botanical Garden), located 20 minutes away from Viña del Mar by public transport, is another must-see destination for both individual travelers and families seeking a fun day out.

Viña del Mar is much more than just sea and beaches. The city is filled with castles and palaces built in the early XXth century, many of which have now become cultural centers, such as Palacio Vergara (fine arts museum) and Carrasco Palace (the municipality's cultural center). Perhaps the most famous historic site in Viña del Mar is the Wulff Castle. Built in 1906, the castle represents early 20th-century eclecticism, with French and German influences as inspired by the castle’s original owner, Gustav Wulff, who was from Germany. Today, Wulff Castle serves as the offices of Viña del Mar’s municipal heritage department.

The Francisco Fonck Archaeology and Natural History Museum is another hot-spot for visitors with its pre-Columbian works in silver and pottery, and its rich collection about Easter Island, including a Moai brought directly from the island.

We look forward to hosting you in our beautiful seaside city of Viña del Mar!

 Reloj de Flores Wulff Castle Museo Fonck