2022 Annual Meeting Chair

Wan Tew Seow
Senior Consultant | Department of Neurosurgery
National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) Singapore

Local Organizing Committee

David Low
Sharon Low
Vincent Nga
Wan Kai Rui
Nishal Primalani
Swati Jain
Felicia Chua
Ng Lee Ping

ISPN Executive Board 2021 – 2022

Society Officers

President Frederick BOOP, USA
President-Elect Wan Tew SEOW, Singapore
Secretary Anthony FIGAJI,Republic of South Africa
Assistant Secretary Federico DI ROCCO,France
Treasurer Adrián CÁCERES, Costa Rica
Annual Meeting 2022 Chair Wan Tew SEOW, Singapore
Immediate Past President &
Nominating Committee Chairman
Francisco SALOMAO,Brazil


Committee Chairs

Audit Chair John KESTLE, USA
Audit Co-chair Niina SALOKORPI, Finland
By-Laws Chair Sandip CHATTERJEE, India
By-Laws Co-chair Eylem OCAL, USA
Education Nelci ZANON, Brazil
Education Co-chair Jeffrey BLOUNT, USA
Ethics and Morals Chair Farideh NEJAT, Iran
Ethics and Morals Co-chair Ulrich THOMALE, Germany
Liaison Chair Martina MESSING-JUENGER, Germany
Liaison Co-chair


Membership Chair Shlomi CONSTANTINI, Israel
Membership Co-chair Suchanda BHATTACHARJEE, India
Communication Chair Llewellyn PADAYACHY, South Africa
Communication Co-chair Ramiro del RIO, Argentina
Communication Co-chair Luca MASSIMI, Italy
Communication Co-chair Liana BENI-ADANI, Israel
Scientific Chair Abhaya KULKARNI, Canada
Scientific Co-chair Benedetta PETTORINI, UK
Ways and Means Chair Meng-Fai KUO, Taiwan
Ways and Means Co-chair Miroslav GJURASIN, Croatia
Allied Health Professionals Jenny SACREE, United Kingdom
Historian Marion (Jack) WALKER, USA
CNS Editor Concezio DI ROCCO, Germany
The Guide Rick ABBOTT, USA


ISPN Future Meeting Chairs

Annual Meeting 2023 Chair Sergio VALENZUELA, Chile
Annual Meeting 2024 Chair James DRAKE, Canada
Annual Meeting 2025 Chair Federico DI ROCCO,France
Annual Meeting 2026 Chair Muhamed EL BELTAGY, Egypt


ISPN 2022 Scientific Committee

Chair: Abhaya V. Kulkarni, Canada, North America
Co-Chair: Benedetta Pettorini, UK, Europe
Cristina Bleil, Brazil, South America
Sandip Chatterjee, India, Asia
Michael Dewan, USA, North America
Mohamed El Beltagy, Egypt, Africa
Samer K. Elbabaa, USA, North America
Pasquale Gallo, UK, Europe
Todd Hankinson, USA, North America
George Ibrahim, Canada, North America
Seung-Ki Kim, South Korea, Asia
Shim Kyu-Won, South Korea, Asia
William Lo, UK, Europe
Jie Ma, China, Asia
Nicole McKinnon, Canada, North America
Nobuhito Morota, Japan, Asia
Masakio Nonaka, Japan, Asia
Chris Parks, UK, Europe
Jonathan Roth, Israel, Middle East
Martin Schuhmann, Germany, Europe
Dulanka Silva, UK, Europe
Gianpiero Tamburrini, Italy, Europe
Sonia Tejada, Spain, Europe
Eric M. Thompson, USA, North America
Teddy Totimeh, Ghana, Africa
Zulma Tovar-Spinoza, USA, North America
Kirsten Van Baarsen, Netherlands, Europe
Nelci Zanon Collange, Brazil, South America
Local Sci Comm (Chair: Wan Tew Saw)
Sharon Low
Robert Chen
Ronnie Baticulon 

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